Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Walking around Alamos

Mexico has a wonderful history and one of the places worth a visit is Alamos, a colonial town founded in the late 17th century when silver was discovered in the region. The center of town features the church and the Plaza de Armas surrounded by colonial homes with covered verandas (portales).

From the plaza cobble stone roads take you all over town and the best way to see everything is to go for a walk - great exercise, especially when taking the road to the place where we were staying, which was quite steep (much steeper than it looks in the picture!). We were feeling our muscles by the end of a couple of days of going up and down those roads.

Alamos has a great market which can be reached from the main plaza through the "kissing alley". In the indoor market you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, a butcher and a tortilla maker - everything you would need for your day to day fresh home cooked meal. I can't help but thinking how nice it would be to have a nice stroll to market, get your fresh food for the day, hike back to the house and then cook a healthy meal with all the wonderful produce you picked up that morning.

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  1. thanks for sharing like the photos and the history you put in