Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gone fishing

One of the advantages of living in beautiful San Carlos is the opportunitiy to enjoy the outdoors - kayaking, hiking, biking, swimming in the sea and of course fishing. I had never been fishing before so when a few years ago we were invited along on a early morning fishing trip, we were thrilled. It was a blustery, cloudy day mid December with choppy seas. Being an island girl that didn't bother me at all, quite the opposite. We set off at 6am, a little later than planned and had a wonderful day on the water. The fishing was excellent and although I hadn't planned to take the rod I ended up catching a handful of barracudas and 2 yellowtail. Hauling in a big fish is a lot harder than I thought it would be - great workout for the biceps! The total tally of yellowtail for the whole group was 7, anything from 25 to 35 pounds each.

The fish was cleaned on the boat and we were given neatly filleted fish to take home.

There is nothing so delicious as fish you have caught yourself, fresh out of the ocean. I cooked mine coated in a little ranch dressing, italian herbs and garlic on a bed of onions and bell peppers.

Served with carrots, roasted potatoes and a side salad, it made for a delicious, nutritious and healthy meal.

Going fishing and then being able to enjoy our catch was a wonderful experience. There is so much beautiful produce and fresh seafood available here and there are so many different ways to concoct a colorful, healthy meal with it - the possibilities are endless!

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